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Restaurant Review: Babett Eatery & Bar

The suave ambience and affordability is a definite hit but the disconnected menu teamed up with inexperienced staff can leave you wondering if it’s worth a second visit

So this is how our ideal Sunday looks like: A movie (if there are any good releases), followed by lunch and the mandatory trip to City Mart to stock up on groceries. Though our little family of three are quite the foodie bunch and throughly enjoy eating out, very rarely do we get to try out some place new. Firstly by the time our movie finishes we are just way too hungry and end up grabbing a quick meal at the closest restaurant and secondly if it all we were to explore out, we often end up back at one of our favorite eateries aka our comfort zones. (Having braved an hour of traffic with growling tummies, experimenting a new place just feels like too much of a risk and the fact that we are quite fussy with our meats and flavors, doesn’t help with the situation either. )

Fortunately this Sunday was a tad-bit different. There were no new movie releases and City Mart had now officially started home deliveries. For a change we were completely free. It was then we heard about the latest addition to Yangon’s restaurant scene, Babett Eatery and Bar located at Hotel G in Downtown Yangon. The reviews looked good and despite the hour long drive from our place, we decided to give it a try.

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Babett Eatery & Bar, the latest addition to Yangon’s restaurant scene

Chic & cozy! These are probably the very first two words that pop up in your mind as soon as you set foot into its warm teak-wood floors. Hues of yellow, grey and white set the perfect color tone for this elegant and contemporary eatery that provides both indoor and outdoor seating.

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Chic & Cozy, Babett also offers a casual outdoor patio seating

From the open bar to the casual outdoor patio, Babett is one of those places that will have you all excited the minute you walk in. And I was too, though I couldn’t help but wish that the weather was a little more favorable to sit outside and the place offered a slightly better view than the haphazard public parking.

Though Babett offers an extensive drinks list, the same cannot be said for its food menu. The reviews had referred to Babett’s cuisine as Spanish/Mediterranean but we were  quite surprised to find that the lunch menu was rather limited offering the cliched pasta/pizza and grilled meats. Since we were not too big on meats, we decided to order the pennyworth salad for the starter followed by Grilled chicken in spicy pepper sauce with a side of truffle parmesan fries and the wood fired Diavola Pizza.

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The pennyworth salad and parmesan truffle fries gets a complete thumbs up

Now if the best dish you have ordered happens to be the side that came along with your mains, then there is a clear problem. Among all the dishes that we did order, the truffle parmesan fries came out the clear winner and completely outshone the pizza that felt a little soggy and the spicy chicken dish that came minus the black pepper sauce that we ordered (as the server had completely forgotten  about it), completely lacked the zing!

The lackluster presentation was one of the biggest drawbacks of the restaurant


Though there was nothing too disastrous with the food per se and the stylish ambience definitely added to the overall appeal of the place making us want to chill out a little longer, the lackluster presentation of the dishes combined with inexperienced though I must say courteous and pleasant staff, left us wondering if it was worth a revisit.

Probably yes if you live in downtown area and are looking for a place to relax with a glass of wine amidst the city buzz. But for someone like me, who live almost an hour away, a restaurant need to do a lot more than an urbane decor and friendly staff to bring me back.