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Getting Quirkyi with Indu Sathyendran

Ashwrites in conversation with the creative genius behind Quirkyi; a bright, colorful and cheerful collection of home decor goods ranging from trays, coasters & jewelry boxes, all inspired by the artist’s love for art, travel, photography and most importantly her love for her hometown, Kerala

Indu with her favorite Aana collection inspired by her pet elephant Vaijaynti

A sneak-peek into Indu’s Facebook page and you are sure to be greeted by a serious explosion of vivid colors. Vibrant hues of greens, yellows and reds stare right back at you, reeling you into a state of visual wonder. Being a malayali myself, I tend to be trapped in a strange kind of nostalgia every time I see Indu’s Instagram page or see a latest FB post. Be it the familiar sight of a mustachioed mundu-clad malayali lazing outside the road-side tea-stall, the hullabaloo from a nearby temple procession making its way through the verdant green-fields, the concoction of colors from the hanging garlands at a flower market and local pullikali performers with their faces painted in bright strokes of yellow and black to imitate that of a tiger or leopard, have all found their way into several of Indu’s designs.


“It all began with my two major loves: my love for photography and everything Kerala. Quirkyi is not just a home-decor product for me. It is a reflection of my love for art, architecture, photography, elephants and more than anything, a way to project the colorful splendor that’s my homeland. It is what I call, a celebration of the true spirit of Kerala.”

Talking about her work, Indu says that she didn’t have to look long for an inspiration. “It was right there in front of me, all around me. Be it the flowers in my home-garden or the vibrant designs on my mother’s sari. Even Shibu, my painter served as my inspiration and became a key factor in my designs behind the Theyyam collection.


The artist and her inspiration

And is there any collection, she holds close to he heart? “Of course, she says. My personal favorite is the Aana series inspired by my dear pet elephant Vaijayanti.” Though she lost her last year, Indu intends to keep her true spirit alive through her collections and designs inspired by her favorite pet.

And why Quirkyi? “I had always loved to travel and have a passion for photography. Seeing my pictures, a friend once told me that I had a Quirky eye. And that name just stuck. I first started my blog titled myquirkyeye, then my instagram account, quirkyeye, so when it came to choosing a name for my products, there was no better. Just that I had to quirky it up a bit by messing with the spelling.”

Within a short time post launch, Quirkyi has already travelled far, finding a place in the homes of Malayali’s settled in Dubai, London, Toronto to name just a few. “Quirkyi is my little way of giving every Malayali a little piece of Kerala to take back with them.” Though currently Quirkyi only ships within India, Indu says plans are already underway to further expand her business. “We are already working on a new website and also plan to add some more products like cushions and a few decoupage products, that I am really excited about. And as far as the Quirky me is concerned, I continue my quest to find new inspiration and ideas for Quirkyi.”


For more information on Quirkyi, please like them on https://www.facebook.com/quirkyi/