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From losing her prized possessions to creating timeless treasures, it has indeed been an incredible journey for this passionate jewelry designer. Ashwrites in conversation with Natalie Elverd, owner Elverd designs, a unique, vibrant and timeless collection of rings, pendants and ear-rings set in hand-selected gemstones

Elverd Designs comprise a unique collection of jewelry, set in hand-selected, hand-cut gemstones

Where opulence meets elegance, where boldness meets simplicity and conventional intermingles with contemporary…Probably the best way to describe jewelry designer Natalie Elverd, her vibrant personality clearly visible in each of the exquisite designs that she creates. Owner of Elverd designs, Natalie has been on a mission, creating timeless pieces of jewelry ranging from rings, ear-rings and pendants in hand-cut, hand-selected gemstones.

Looking at the exquisite pieces of jewelry set in blue topaz, amethyst, smoky quarts, onyx, tourmaline, agate amongst many others, it is almost impossible to believe that jewelry designing was something that happened by chance for this designer and that too not very long ago.


“It all began, 9 years ago when we were in Cambodia and a few of my precious pieces of personal jewelry were stolen. I was heartbroken. Not because they were expensive but they were all pieces that held special meaning and also a special place in my heart.”

Natalie knew they had to be replaced and took up on the task of designing the new pieces herself and also finding the right stones to compliment her designs. “What unveiled before me was something I never imagined. I was amazed by what the local markets had in store for me; whether it was the sheer number of stones, the colors or the variety that lay before me.”

Following the overwhelming feedback from her friends for her personal designs and constant encouragement from her husband Brad, Natalie finally decided to take it up as a full-time profession and launched her own designer label, once she moved to Singapore. “One of my friends had asked me to get whatever little pieces I had designed to a local boutique bazaar. I sold out instantly and was completely taken aback by the kind of response I received. It’s at that moment when I experienced the kind of trust and confidence, people had in me and my designs that I knew this was something I had to do.”

Natalie displaying her designs at one of the boutique bazaars

And since then there has been no looking back for the Australian-born designer currently based in Yangon, who has been focused on providing affordable yet high-fashion and high-quality gemstone jewelry to her loyal clientele spread across the globe from Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and now even in Myanmar. Talking about her designs, Natalie says that ‘trend’ is something that she never follows when creating her masterpieces. “I simply don’t like the term, ‘trend’ as it’s just too short-term. I want my pieces to be elegant and timeless that will never really go out of style.”

TBAR collection
Lapis and gold ring from her latest TBar Collection

Talking about her biggest inspiration, Natalie says that she doesn’t need to look far or hard to be inspired. “How can one live in South East Asia and not be inspired, she says.” “Be it it’s beautiful colors, the energy of its cities, the warmth of it’s people or it’s rich vibrant culture. It makes me happy and then I am inspired. “

Natalie final article pic

Despite coming with new designs to add to her collection and constantly evolving her brand, Natalie is also a mom to two beautiful daughters Paige and Chloe. Has playing these two different roles been challenging? “Not really,” she says. “Fortunately for me, my daughters are older now and my working hours, flexible. One daughter will finish high school this year and my youngest one is preparing for a move back to school in Melbourne. My timing has been quite perfect.”

Each daughter has a special collection named after them, that which Natalie considers one of her most prized pieces amongst her entire collection. The Chloe ring is a more classic cut, simple and elegant design whereas the Paige collection available in  green amethyst and blue topaz is a checkerboard cut statement piece, quite bold and contemporary.

paige ring
The bold statement ring in green amethyst from the Paige Collection, named after Natalie’s oldest daughter


chloe ring
The classic and elegant Chloe ring in blue topaz

So what’s next for this passionate designer. “Oh there is so much to look forward to,” Natalie says. “I am already working on a few custom-made engagement rings and have also started working on a Freedom range that will be available later this year. I also plan to add more pieces like stackable rings and even some bracelets.”

Freedom range
A sneak-peek into Natalie’s upcoming Freedom Range

Natalie currently lives with her husband, Brad and daughter Chloe in Yangon. For more information on her collection and to pre-order from the Freedom Range collection, please log onto her website  http://www.elverddesigns.com  or like her Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/ElverdDesigns/ or follow on instagram  https://www.instagram.com/elverddesigns/